7010A Quantitative Skills for the Biomedical Researcher I
2019 Spring Term

Quite surprisingly, the field of statistical inference is only about a century old. Since its conception by Dr. R.A. Fisher, it has changed the way science is conducted. In teaching introductory statistics, we find the following quote insightful:

"Math is Music: Statistics is Literature." - Dick De Veaux
Welcome. This webpage is for 7010 Quantitative Skills for the Biomedical Researcher I during 2019 Spring.


3.11 Log in to WebWork and complete your first homework by March 15th 1:20 PM. Make sure you click on submit after you finish each problem. Otherwise, it will not record your homework. After due date, you will be able to print hard copy of the homework with solution. You can also review your past homework grading in webwork.

3.11 Lecture notes for units 1.1-1.2 are posted.

3.11 The answers for the past exam is here.

3.18 Lecture notes for units 1.4-1.7 are posted.

3.26 Lecture notes for units 1.8-1.9 are posted.

3.28 The take-home exam will be handed out during the lecture on Friday March 29th. Teaching assistant Josh Axelrod will also hand out copies from 3:10-5pm the same day from Forchheimer G35 for students who are unable to attend lecture that afternoon.

Submit your completed exam to Josh by 5pm April 3rd. You may scan your work and email him. If you need to submit it directly, you can do it at the exam dropoff box in Forchheimer G35 or hand the exams directly to Josh in G35. Please email him if you will drop off the exam in person.

The comparison of two proportions is a topic covered this year but it was not in the previous years. So the practice/past exam does not have problems related to the topic. You will practice problem solving in the last conference session.

Course materials

Course syllabus

Lecture notes (and corresponding PnG chapters)

Unit 1.1   color     grayscale  Ch 1
Unit 1.2   color     grayscale  Ch 6
Unit 1.3   color     grayscale  Ch 7
Unit 1.4   color     grayscale  Ch 8
Unit 1.5   color     grayscale  Ch 10
Unit 1.6   color     grayscale  Ch 9
Unit 1.7   color     grayscale  Ch 11
Unit 1.8   color     grayscale  Ch 14
Unit 1.9   color     grayscale  
Distributions     grayscale  
Review: Numerical Summaries     grayscale  


Due DateTopicsHomework
3/15Units 1.1 and 1.2Homework 1
3/25Units 1.3-1.6Homework 2
3/29 Reading Response Paper
4/1 Units 1.7-1.9Homework 3
4/3 Units 1.1-1.8Takehome exam due
Log in to WebWork to access the computer based assignments.

Takehome Exam Schedule

Due 4/3Exam (Units 1.1-1.8)

When preparing for the exam, prioritize your study material in the following way: 1) practice exams, 2) lecture notes, 3) homework problems, 4) conference materials, 5) Extra problems from the recommended text book.

In the exam(s), the following formula sheets will be provided: formula.

Practice Exam.

Conference and lab schedule

Dates     Topic
03/15(W) First conference. You may need to the following files: conference1.R.txt,balance data;TCGA data;a code for boxplot
03/25(W) Second conference conference2.R.txt cholestg.txt
04/01(W) Third conference breastcancer.txt

Extra problems from Pagano & Gauvreau
This is not homework so do not submit your work.

Chapter 2 exercises 3,7,8,14,16,18,19
Chapter 3 exercises 7,8,11
Chapter 4 exercises 8,16
Chapter 6 exercises 8,11,13
Chapter 7 exercises 8, 10, 15, 18, 19
Chapter 8 exercises 2,5,10,13,15
Chapter 9 exercises 1,3,4,8,10
Chapter 10 exercises 3,4,11(b,c),14
Chapter 11 exercises 1,5,10(a-c),14
Chapter 12 exercises 5,8,11
Chapter 14 exercises 5,7,10
Chapter 15 exercises 16

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