7010B Quantitative Skills for the Biomedical Researcher II
2015 Spring Term

Quite surprisingly, the field of statistical inference is only about a century old. Since its conception by Dr. R.A. Fisher, it has changed the way science is conducted. In teaching introductory statistics, we find the following quote insightful:

"Math is Music: Statistics is Literature." - Dick De Veaux
Welcome. This webpage is for 7010 Quantitative Skills for the Biomedical Researcher during 2015 Spring.


Module II starts on April 22nd and please bring your laptops on that day. If you have time, check out this free online course before coming to the class.

Course materials

Lecture notes

Welcome Notes
April 22nd: Introduction to Statistical Simulation and R programming
April 24th: Chi-Squared Tests
April 27th: Linear Regression
April 29th: One-Way ANOVA and Permutation Test
May 1st: Linear Regression
May 4th: Numerical Experiments to Estimate Statistical Power
May 6th: Logistic Regression



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